Adiwiyata program: Enhancing students’ awareness about the environment

Adiwiyata is one of the key programs of the Ministry of Environment aimed at promoting knowledge and awareness about environmental conservation efforts among the student community.

“It is proved that schools that have implemented this program, developing a pro- environment and sustainable approach, have students with good mindset and knowledge”, stated the Head of the Environment Agency (BLH) Palangkaraya, Nuh Gufran Ahmad. Currently, there are 12 schools that run this program (4 Junior High schools and 8 Elementary Schools).

“There are 2 Senior High schools that will adopt this program, but teachers are not ready it cannot be implemented,” he added. Further he went on to state that “this program is about teaching children since early age, so when they reach the university level they can help the government to be the driving force in keeping and saving the environment”.

Original Source: Kalteng Post, page 22
Saturday May 4, 2013

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