Strategic Focus

Vision and Mission

  • UNORCID is committed to improved coordination amongst UN Agencies and all other stakeholders towards achieving the objectives of the National REDD+ Strategy.
    • Common information systems on REDD+ will be provided for the UN System and the wider REDD+ community. UN System coherence in the response to REDD+ challenges and opportunities is promoted.
  • UNORCID believes in enhancing the capacity of local government institutions in planning, monitoring and implementing REDD+ activities to achieve equitable and sustainable development. Further, UNORCID is poised to support Indonesia in its transition towards a green economy.
    • Together with the Government of Indonesia and appropriate local-level counterparts, a strategy for a single and shared framework for realizing REDD+ in Indonesia will be developed. Emphasis will be put on issues of equity and enhancing livelihood opportunities of vulnerable groups.
  • UNORCID encourages and promotes a coordinated international approach to ensure the efficient allocation of resources for REDD+. This support by the broader donor community as well as the private sector will be targeted at realizing the priorities of the Government and local stakeholders while ensuring that ownership lies with the people of Indonesia.

Through UNORCID, high-level dialogue with major global figures and institutions will be facilitated. UNORCID will form a global alliance of experts in support of realizing Indonesia’s REDD+ strategy. International studies assessing benefits, potential pitfalls and limitations of REDD+ as well as identifying policy options for implementation will be undertaken.