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Innovative Finance Forum: Sustaining Indonesia’s Tropical Landscapes

| 14 March 2016
| Le Méridien Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

Please visit here to register for the forum. The agenda for the event is available here.

Indonesia is uniquely placed to considerably shape and push the global shift towards a green economy. The protection of its environment, in particular its forests – vital for the global ecological balance – requires serious investment and support to achieve climate change mitigation on a global scale. While complementing existing forms of finance, innovative finance has the potential to secure and mobilize investment that would otherwise not be available through traditional resource flows. To develop innovative financial mechanisms, coordinated action needs to be taken by governments and the financial sector, with development partners and research institutions playing an important facilitating role.

Thus, the Innovative Finance Forum is designed to enable and generate space for key stakeholders from the Government of Indonesia, development partners, research institutions, and the private sector to explore and discuss what innovative finance means to Indonesia, and how to create an environment where innovative finance can be a tool for the country to meet its development and climate targets. It will examine a variety of key challenges- from peat, fires and haze to sustaining agriculture and food security- that Indonesia must overcome to realize transformative solutions, and it will identify opportunities where innovative financing has the greatest potential to sustain Indonesia’s tropical landscapes. Through exploring how financing efforts can leverage all forms of national and international public and private sector finance, the forum is an opportunity for all stakeholders to voice their leadership, and establish their role, as a key player in Indonesia’s green economy transition.

The forum will feature REDD+ Talks: Jakarta, an event series created by Code REDD, a US-based NGO that advocates for financing forest conservation as a means of climate change mitigation through the United Nations REDD+ mechanism. REDD+ Talks facilitates discussion, insight, and partnership with the explicit goal of supporting and scaling REDD+ activities around the globe. Previous REDD+ Talks events have taken place in San Francisco, New York City, Cartagena, London, and Stockholm.

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