Fostering Solidarity through a Forum

The following is a non-official translation by UNORCID for the benefit of stakeholders. UNORCID does not guarantee the accuracy of the translation. Please find the original article in Bahasa Indonesia here, for your reference.

PALANGKA RAYA – The Provincial Government of Central Kalimantan together with REDD+ of Central Kalimantan held another Environmental Stakeholder Forum meeting at Eka Hapakat Hall, on Wednesday (10/9). The meeting was chaired by the Governor of Central Kalimantan, Mr. Agustin Teras Narang, and was attended by the Secretary of Central Kalimantan, Mr. Siun Jarias; Director of the United Nations Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia (UNORCID), Mr. Satya Tripathi; Deputy I to Head of the National REDD+ Agency, Mr. William Sabandar; a representative of the REDD+ Commission of Central Kalimantan, Mr. Yusrum Jagau; Deputy Secretary-General of the Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN), Ms. Mina Susena Setra; Chief of Central Kalimantan Police, Brigadier-General Bambang Hermanu; Military Commander of 102 Pj/Pjg, Cavalry Colonel Sulaiman Agusto; and other relevant stakeholders.
According to the Secretary of Central Kalimantan, Mr. Siun Jarias, the meeting was the second meeting of the ESF in Central Kalimantan after the first meeting held in February. He added that ESF was established with a view to facilitating inter-stakeholder coordination, and ensuring the effectiveness of planned programmes. “Through ESF, we hope good coordination can be established between stakeholders, for the developments of REDD+ programmes,” said he.

In this REDD+ transitional phase, Mr. Jarias explained, 20 per cent of the total REDD+ funding had been disbursed, while the remaining 80 per cent would be disbursed if proof could be provided regarding the achievements of REDD+ programme implementation in Central Kalimantan, “Throughout 2013, 120 activities were implemented to provide benefits for communities,” said he.

Further, he explained that REDD+ had tried out FREDDI (fund for REDD+ in Indonesia) –a funding instrument developed by BP REDD+- for small scale grants in Central Kalimantan. The grants, he added, included grants for holding training in making a concept note for a small scale project to be implemented in Central Kalimantan, implementing small grant portfolios for communities, implementing the Green Village programme, facilitating village mid-term development planning processes, holding training in the green school programme, holding training in community-based forest fire management, holding training in alternative livelihoods, and mapping customary communities’ territories.

On the same occasion, Deputy I to Head of Indonesia’s National REDD+ Agency, Mr. William Sabandar, expressed his appreciation for the work the Governor had done in bringing together everyone in ESF. “Governor Teras Narang is the only sub-national head who is concerned about climate change and environmental sustainability issues and provides this partnership model. Not only is he the REDD+ Ambassador of Indonesia, he is also the REDD+ Ambassador of the world. His leadership should be a model for the next generations,” said Mr. Sabandar. (bwn)

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