Meeting of the Forest Investment Program Pilot Countries and Associates in Istanbul

The Forest Investment Program (FIP), a project of the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) is working in collaboration with FCPF and UN-REDD (Read more) to create national forest investment plans consistent with the programming priorities and the objective to “initiate and facilitate transformational change in developing countries’ forest related policies and practices” (Read more). The collaboration of FIP with the Indonesian Government was established in 2010, Indonesia in continuation was becoming one of the pilot countries for FIP (Read more). If all conditions are met, FIP prospects a funding resource envelope of about 70 million USD and an additional complementary grant pool of about $6.5 million through the FIP Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Indonesia (Read more).
The latest meeting provided an update on the progress of investment planning in the pilot countries. Indonesia is scheduling to present its Investment Plan on the 5th of November 2012.
Regarding news on the Investment Plan preparation actions, a report on the advances was presented. A technical mission in West Kalimantan has been assessing the progresses of the pilot Forest Management Unit as future forest management unit (KPH) for REDD+ projects, the readiness for the work with local communities and the strategic fit of the program to the REDD+ Program. In the presented working document challenges are identified, such as community reactions to the first draft of the Investment Planand the challenge ofaddressingthe diverseneeds in the project designsfor different provinces. The results point to information, language and cultural gaps at allstakeholder levels. As a basis for the implementation of projects and the estimation of GHG emissions, the “One Map” being developed in the first phase of REDD+ is absolutely needed for implementation.

Key entry points for the implementation of the Investment Plan are establishing forest management units (KPH) and continuing with the land tenure reformas many provinces show fast degradation of ecosystems.A steering committee consisting of representatives of different principal agencies such as the Ministries and UN-REDD Task Force (continued by UNORCID) will be established to coordinate and oversee the implementation progress and inform the government. From December 2012 to March 2013, project preparation including stakeholder consultations at project level will be performed. The project approval requests are planned for 2013, while the approval and grant agreement for Indonesia is scheduled for mid of 2013 and 2014.
The FIP technical mission learned about the difficulties of satisfying the variety of stakeholders’ needs but also that “REDD+ initiatives, including FIP, can help to transform governance practices, through promoting coordination within and between ministries, and through supporting broadly-agreed consultation processes”. The team concluded that the Investment Plan contributes to a transformative process towards good forest governance and REDD+ Readiness in Indonesia.

Source: CIF Website

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