Sampit Forest Defended

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SAMPIT – Mr. Bambang Widyantoro, President Director of PT Inhutani III, has revealed that the forest in Sampit will remain intact, despite the plan to reorganise that area that used to be controlled by a lumber mill. According to Bambang, the city forest will greatly assist Sampit in reaching its goal of being awarded the Adipura, a trophy given to one district each year for its environmental improvement efforts. Bambang said the forest will remain standing, benefiting the citizens of the city and the district in general.

Moreover, the situation is related to the existence of a public elementary school located in the area. Bambang said there needs to be further talks with the local government related to the existence of the school. Discussions with the local government will take place to see if the school will remain where it is or be relocated, Bambang explained.

Bambang revealed that PT Inhutani III plans to build a private school in the area. For now, the location of the school has not been determined. Two locationsare proposed, either the site of the current public elementary school or a new location. An in-depth discussion with respect to the school location is necessary, Bambang explains.

Before the presentation by PT Inhutani III, Vice Bupati of East Kotawaringin, Drs. HM Taufiq Mukri SM MM, said that he was hoping PT Inhutani III would retain the Sampit city forest. That city forest contributed to Sampit being awarded the Adipura for two consecutive years.

Original source:
Kalteng Pos
pg. 12
21 August 2013

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