GGGI Encourages Central Kalimantan to Value Forests and the Environment

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PALANGKARAYA – Central Kalimantan Deputy Governor, Mr. Achmad Diran, welcomed 25 members of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) to the city of Palangkaraya, Tuesday (17/9) afternoon. Mr. Diran, accompanied by officials from the FKPD and related local government offices, received the guests in the VIP Room of the Palangkaraya airport.
The Board Chairman of the Global Green Growth Initiative (GGGI), H.E. Mr. Lars Lokke Rasmussen (former Prime Minister of Denmark), was accompanied by the Vice Minister of National Development Planning, (BPPN / Bappenas), H.E. Mr. Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo, as well as representatives from various countries.

Mr. Rasmussen said that GGGI is an international organisation comprised of 20 member states, from both developed anddeveloping countries,. including Indonesia.

“The goal of GGGI is to encourage sustainable economic development, in which a country’s economy grows, while the environment is maintained”, said Mr. Rasmussen.

He said that GGGI cooperates with the Indonesian government, at the national level, and with the Provinces of Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan, at the provincial level. These two provinces were chosen for their firm commitment to protecting the environment and the forests.

Mr. Rasmussen said that what the government of Central Kalimantan has done so far is of great importance and has encouraged him to see for himself the environmental condition of other areas. “The work done in Kalimantan is in line with the commitments of GGGI, who wants to simultaneously boost economic growth while protecting the forests”, he said.
During his visit, he witnessed Indonesia’s commitment to protect the environment in Kalimantan – where a number of projects are underway. –. GGGI will soon join these efforts with its plan to boost Indonesia’s economy, including Kalimantan. Mr. Tuwo said, GGGI has just started implementing programmes in Indonesia. In the early stages, these projects were developed harmoniously with regional development strategies to maintain the environment.

“We will begin to develop strategies to identify what steps the government can take in the future to maintain the development of an environmentally sustainable economy”, said Mr. Tuwo.

The strategies will be reviewed by GGGI to develop programmes that will be implemented in Indonesia, particularly in Central Kalimantan, a region now known worldwide for its environmental conservation programmes.

GGGI representatives visiting Indonesia included Mr. Rene Castro Salazar from Costa Rica, Mr. Peter Lysholt Hansen from Denmark, Mr. Erik Naeraa Nilolajsen from Denmark, and Mr. Ato Dessalegne Mesfin from Ethiopia. Also joining the group was Ms. Endah Murniningsih of Indonesia, Mr. Teue Baikarawa from Kiribiti, and Mr. Qystein Djupedal from Norway, among several others.

Dancers and other members of the Dayak community in Kalimantan greeted the visitors at the airport. According to the schedule released, the group will hold a dinner in Palangkaraya on Wednesday (18/9), and visit the forest by boat later in the week.

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18 September 2013
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