Harrison Ford and Teras Narang Have Breakfast Together

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Palangka Raya – Hollywood film star Harrison Ford is a world famous actor and has starred in a number of successful films, including Air Force One, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

In the film Air Force One, Harrison Ford is President of the United States, aboard the presidential plane involved in a terrorist hijack. The terrorist’s mastermind infiltrated the world’s most advanced aircraft, after dissent towards the president for a successful special forces operation.

Mr. Ford is no longer young, but despite his old age, his appearance was still impressive as he met with the Governor of Central Kalimantan Agustin Teras Narang on Wednesday (4/9) morning. Mr. Ford, in a black suit and white shirt looked dashing despite his age; Mr. Teras Narang wore a brown patterned batik suit.

Mr. Teras was accompanied by his youngest daughter, Aflina Teras Kathlinia Narang, to meet Mr. Ford. They had breakfast together with Mr. Ford in the hotel lobby of the Swissbel Hotel in Palangka Raya, overlooking the swimming pool.

The morning breakfast meeting was interspersed with song and musical accompaniment in traditional Dayak style, a performance presented to officials and foreign guests.

The casual meeting lasted only about half an hour. The general purpose of Harrison Ford’s visit to Central Kalimantan was associated with documentary filmmaking on forest and environmental issues.

“After breakfast, Mr. Teras Narang explained that the purpose of Mr. Ford’s visit to Central Kalimantan was related to environmental and climate issues.”The fact that Central Kalimantan was selected as the first REDD + pilot province has drawn the world’s attention.

“In our meeting we discussed several matters relating to the environment, climate, and forests. Mr. Ford wanted to hear what I have done so far and what will be done to the future”, said Mr. Teras Narang.

According to Mr. Teras Narang, Mr. Ford commented on the activities implemented in the region, and said what had been done so far in Kalimantan was positive, particularly in regards to the efforts to preserve the environment in a sustainable manner to tackle global climate change.

“However,” said Mr. Teras Narang, “in order to make progress everything has to be done with commitment and consistency by the Central Kalimantan provincial government, the central government, as well as the countries of the world who are concerned about the environment.”

“Because of the constraints faced during negotiations, the provincial spatial plan (RTRWP) is not yet complete,” Mr. Teras Narang said.

With the support of the world on issues related to climate change, Mr. Teras Narang expects the issues with the central government’s plan to accelerate spatial planning to be solved.

After eating together, Mr. Teras Narang presented a token – miniature boat made from a native plant species from the Central Kalimantan region – to Harrison Ford as a memento from the provincial government of Central Kalimantan.

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5 September 2013
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