Proactive Protection of Forests

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MUARA TEWEH – Lia: The preservation of the Pararwasen Protection Forest in Pendreh Village of Teweh Tengah Sub-district, North Barito District, has been carried out by the Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA) of Batara. In addition to work by the BKSDA, Batara Parliament has also asked the district government be proactive in protecting the forest.

The protection forest is often encroached hence it needs to be re-measured, said Vice Chairman of the Commission B of the local parliament B Ms. Henny Rosgiaty SP MM, on Saturday (24/8). At this time, the only protection forest is being closely watched by BKSDA Batara, she added. In fact, several times a routine patrol found felled wood in the preservation area.

Ms. Rosgiaty stated that the Batara Parliament has asked for the forest to be protected and the nature reserve to be maintained. She hopes that the protection of the Gunung Lumut forest will be codified. Ms. Rosgiaty said that the nature reserve and protection forest must be guarded so that our children can enjoy them. She also outlined, that Gunung Lumut forest is located in the Gunung Purei district, an area covering ​​25,802 hectares that has been proposed as a national park. The proposal came from the Dayak community who holds Kaharingan as their belief and lives in the districts of Gunung Purei and Teweh Timur.

Original source:
Kalteng Pos
pg. 31
26 August 2013