Subdistrict Head Asked to be Prepared for the Drought

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MUARA TEWEH – All heads of subdistricts in Barito Utara (Barut) District have been asked to be on standby to face the drought in 2013, by activating posts for the Integrated Prevention and Control of Forest and Land Fires.
Vice Regent Mr. Oemar Zaki Heanoeddin last weekend said that it is a necessary precaution to be vigilant and prepared to prevent and control fires. The dissemination of knowledge to halt land burning to make way for agriculture had been increased.

Heanoeddin also calls on the district heads to instruct the public and the business community to anticipate forest and land fires by creating action plans for integrated forest fire management and land fire management in their respective areas.

Furthermore, Heanoeddin announced the need to perform other tactical measures for forest fire risk reduction, and he requested society to be vigilant against fire disaster.

To prevent fire disasters and anticipate the unexpected, all members of society must be aware that the use of kitchen appliances and electronic appliances can result in fire. The use of electric power must be efficient and effective.

Before going to bed, all kitchen equipment must be checked, and candles and lights should be used with caution, Heanoeddin said. Moreover, garbage, forests, fields and land must not be burned arbitrarily.

On that note, Heanoeddin called for parents to safeguard their kids, and prevent them from playing with fire. One should be vigilant and place flammable items such as petrol and gas out of the reach of children.

If there is a danger of fire, people should report it immediately to the Regional Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) by telephone at (0519) 22113.

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26 August 2013

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