REDD+ Pilot Province, Central Kalimantan, Well Visited by Travelers

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Palangkaraya – Designating the Province of Central Kalimantan as a pilot province for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions for Deforestation and Forest Degradation) has had a positive impact on tourist visits in the region.

Although exact numbers are not given, the Head of Culture and Tourism for Central Kalimantan, Mr. Saidina Aliansyah, claimed tourist numbers in the region have increased in recent years. From 2012 to 2013, the number of tourist visits to the Central Kalimantan Province has been extraordinary, said Mr. Aliansyah, after attending a plenary session at the Parliament Building of Central Kalimantan on Monday (16/9).

According to him, designating Central Kalimantan as the pilot province for REDD+ has increased the number of national and international guests. The visitors observe the implementation of REDD+ on the ground and some of them also take time to enjoy the diversity of natural attractions, arts, and culture in Central Kalimantan.

Mr. Aliansya said in order to maintain interest from potential tourists, all parties must have a common view. In addition to government work, the community is responsible for creating comfortable conditions for visitors, including openness, hospitality, and courteousness.

In order to increase the number of tourist visits to the Central Kalimantan province, tourism promotion will be intensified in 13 districts and 1 town in Central Kalimantan. One of the ways to promote tourism is by encouraging visitors to participate in various cultural activities, including art exhibitions, on both the national and international scale, which display traditional and local culture​​.

Mr. Aliansya advised each visitor be invited to participate in arts and cultural activities. The quality and number of these attractions must remain high. Thus, representatives of Central Kalimantan are expected to always seek appreciation from the participants and spectators of the events, he said.

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17 September 2013
pg. 15

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